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Cultural goods and household goods, furniture, construction materials: electrical equipment, garden tools, lamps, dishes, household cleaning products and much more.

Phone: +375 (225) 48-07-70

Address: Bobruisk, st. Vanzetti, 9 (map)


Building a house, "OMA" offers electrical, materials and tools for construction and repair, household goods.

Phone: +375 (225) 47-49-33, 48-57-50

Address: Bobruisk, st. Bakharov, 307A (map)


Sale of electrical equipment.

Phone: +375 (225) 47-16-55

Address: Bobruisk, st. Ordzhonikidze, 100 (map)


Wholesale and retail trade in electrical equipment and other services.

Phone: +375 (225) 44-71-30

Address: Bobruisk, st. Minsk, 96 (map)


We offer electrical power tools.

Phone: +375 (1777) 3-51-01

Address: Borisov, st. Chapaeva, 5 (map)


Sale of electrical equipment. Reasonable prices.

Phone: 8 (02340) 20500

Address: Rechitsa Street. 10 years of October 35, (map)

SV IP Guskov

Sale, rental and repair of power tools and electrical equipment. Sale of construction tools. Disks for cutting and grinding: stripping discs, flap wheels, discs cutting, the range of ground, cup

Phone: +7 (029) 1329511

Address: Novopolotsk, TC "Streletsky Capital" (map)

World of Light

Store fixtures, electrical products.

Phone: +375 (174) 26-02-47, +375 (29) 982-91-45

Address: Soligorsk, b. Miners, 26 (map)


We offer electrical products, bearings.

Phone: +375 (174) 22-48-52, +375 (29) 622-48-52

Address: Soligorsk Street. Builders, 30 (map)


Power, electrical.

Phone: +375 (174) 22-02-84

Address: Soligorsk Street. North, 27 / a (map)


The store offers electrical household goods, building materials, wallpaper, etc.

Phone: +375 (176) 76-48-13

Address: Molodechno Street. Buynitskogo, 55 (map)

Zepter International

Retail sales of electrical products, utensils, etc.

Phone: +375 (176) 77-17-41, 77-17-32

Address: Molodechno Street. Wilensky, 12 (map)


We offer lamps, lighting fixtures, electrical equipment.

Phone: +375 (176) 75-08-72

Address: Molodechno Street. Vyaliki Gastinets, 55 (map)

Household appliances

Shop the sale of electrical equipment, electrical goods.

Phone: +375 (176) 76-39-26

Address: Molodechno Street. Builders, 15a (map)


A wide range of products: electronics, lamps, cables, switches, circuit, wires, starters, lights, lamps and components.

Phone: +375 (1561) 2-07-87

Address: Lida Street. Kachan, 15 (map)

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